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Endodontic therapy consists of the removal of the dental pulp (nerve) from the roots of the teeth, as a last resort to preserve the tooth affected by deep caries, fracture or infection.

In cases in which endodontics have already been performed previously and it has not been successful, we perform re-endodontic treatments or, as a last option, apicoectomy (apical surgery), with the aim of preserving the tooth.

In our clinic we have Digital Radiology and 3D Scanning (CBCT), thanks to which we can obtain a very accurate endodontic treatment.

Dr Sanchez and Dr Valdueza are the specialists who do this type of treatment, with a very high success rate.

“In our clinic we have a 3D Scanner (CBCT), thanks to which we can obtain a very accurate diagnosis and endodontic treatment.”

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