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Orthodontics helps us correct dental malpositions and achieve functional and aesthetic alignment of the teeth. It can be performed at any age, both in adult patients and children.

It is of great help in multidisciplinary restorative treatments, since it can avoid more aggressive restorations and, in addition, helps to improve the prognosis of our treatments. That is why today it is considered an indispensable tool in the patient’s oral rehabilitation, improving both aesthetics and function.

In our clinic, Dr. Elena Portugal performs all types of orthodontic treatments, from the placement of metal or ceramic brackets to invisible orthodontic treatments, including the technique of placing lingual brackets (that is, on the inside of the teeth). The most current techniques allow even invisible orthodontics (invisalign) to be performed, with removable splints, that is, without the placement of brackets. In this way, the patient can undergo the treatment without seeing any metal parts in their mouth and, therefore, without compromising aesthetics at all.

“We improve aesthetics without neglecting the function of the mouth.”

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