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Dental implants function as artificial roots, with the purpose of replacing lost teeth. They are capable of integrating into the bone to the point of coexisting in a healthy and completely natural way with the rest of the tissues of the mouth.

At the Dr. Rojo Dental Clinic we have more than 35 years of experience in implantology, having trained with the Swiss ITI Straumann implant system, a leading brand in the global implantology sector. You can click on the link.

We also have the technology to perform Computer Guided Surgery, Immediate Implants and Minimally Traumatic Techniques without the need for sutures.

Guided Surgery is performed using a 3D scanner (CBCT). In our clinic we have the Kodak 9000 CBCT device, which can also be used in other specialties such as Endodontics. This helps us achieve a much more precise diagnosis in all cases, as well as a much more accurate study of the patient without having to leave the clinic.

From this scanner and with the help of computer software, Computer Guided Surgery can be performed. This means that, before performing the surgery on the patient, we can execute it virtually on the computer, taking all the details into account. In this way, when we perform it on the patient we greatly minimize the risks that there may be.

“Thanks to excellent surgical technique and the best implant system, we achieve very high long-term success rates.”

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